July 1, 2012

Ras-y_haford and the Leventon Line

After some period of running drought, this was a full on running weekend.

Friday night say 3 or of the 4 (or 5 if you count dog) running at the Hafod masnsion. Kids did a 1 mile races and Dad did the 6 mile trail race. All pleased with our results, but we broke no record. Andrew was the youngest in his class by 2 years (next was his sister) and both did very well. Dad just enjoyed his run and tried in vain to save his legs fro Sunday.

On Sunday supported Helen Skelton who has done a bit of running before as is shown here for the last 2 legs of the Leventon Line which runs from Llangothlen to Barmouth., about 50 miles and 12,000ft of climb.

Well done Helen, an excellent time at around 15.30 and a good fun day. I had to work very hard to keep up on the section across the last 3 tops and got left for dust once we got to the road. Still, did me a lot of good and hound enjoyed it. Great bunch of people and yes, I did leave the box with most of my gear outside the house, been a lot going on in the world of the king family of late, but still the pinnacle of cluelessness. Thanks to Andy for sorting me out with gear.

Charlie has some photo's here.

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  1. Thanks to you and Misty for your support :0)...what an amazing rock climbing dog! Final stats were 58.98m miles and 13800ft and a lot of bog! Great to have you along.