August 23, 2012

Change of course, again

I had plans over the last 3 months to train with the Peris Horseshoe in mind and then step up to a long winter event. Training over the last few months has not gone well or been in any way consistent. I have the running mojo back, that bit of the jigsaw sorted itself out quite some time ago. It is just time. Moving house(no small effort), getting the new place into shape, getting the old one in a position to rent or sell has been hugely time consuming. If improving fitness was measured in arm strength, I would be doing well.

So I won't be doing the Peris this year (again) and anyway I am away with work around that time. However, the thought process has brought me to a different goal. I have done long and hard, the Bob Graham was that journey and a great one, but it is not time to repeat that sort of challenge yet and I just don't have the time to go our and run for 4 hours a couple of times a week at the moment. So I am going to try to get fast. Well, faster at any rate. I am going to work on the 6 to 10 mile AM fell race, see how much I can improve and these are the races I plan to do over the next 6 months. Lets see how the power of commitment and guilt works out.

  • Arenig Race
  • Ras Robell Fawr
  • Cardington Cracker
  • Cordon Classic
  • Long Mynd Valleys race
  • Ras-Y-Aran
I might also add in the Aberystwyth Twin Peaks race.

Part of the rational is if I am going for something like a Paddy in 2013/2014, it would be good to get faster 1st. 

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